Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Giveaway: 2015 Is Your Year!

 Have you ever been to 

Of course you have!  You probably just clicked on a button so that you could come here!  Did you hear that there is a 

When my friend, Alisha,  from The Bubbly Blonde asked all of us if we wanted to do something fun for the New Year, I was all in!

If there is one thing that all of us at Owlways know how to do, it is to kick off a give away using 

New Years is all about how to have a good time and treat our readers!

So we pooled our ANDEW JACKSONS together <wish it could have been Benjamins!!> to giveaway a $100 Amazon Gift Card.  But then, we decided to make it even better and each of us agreed to give away something on our own blogs.  Alisha gave me this cool little graphic that she made.  

Also, I am having a sale at my store on TpT!!  Go check it out!
May I recommend this little jewel!  My kids loved it! The screenshot wouldn't go any bigger without blurring, so you definitely need to click and see!

 Oh, and I am also linking up with Farley over at her blog!

Thanks for coming by!  Happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

14 Favorites '14

What a year.  I am truly not sure where to start.  2014 was a hard year for my family.  The summer started with several visits to therapists and doctors for my daughter who suffers from RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) and we seemed to spiral downward in September when my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer after smoking for almost 60 years.  This ended with her death on November 28th.  We are in the middle of picking ourselves up  and dusting  ourselves off as we continue to love mom from afar.  My faith was strong before, but after listening to my mother tell me about the angel in the white robe that stood at the foot of her hospital bed, my family had sadness, but also happiness because she was able to walk through those pearly gates after being bound to a wheelchair for 12 years.


Here's to you, mom!  This isn't my favorite picture of the 3 months that she spent at my house, but it will do.  She got frustrated because I was always taking a picture.  I guess I know in my heart that I had to make every moment count.  At one point after taking this picture--she had just finished her 2nd chemo treatment--she said, "I'm going to get all of these pictures that you keep taking."  I'm glad she didn't.  She was so proud of her little 'beret' that kept her head warm that my friend, Trisha, had picked up for her.  Mom's first words when she found out she had cancer to us was, "You know that whatever happens, I am going to be ok."  She spoke those same words to us just hours before she went to heaven.  I am so thankful that she is with her Saviour!  I love you mom.

On November 26th, we welcomed my new great-niece, Kinsleigh Grace into the world.  She arrived on what would have been her great-grandfather's 114th birthday!  My papaw would have been so proud!  My mom never got to meet Kinsleigh, but told me to let her know that she would be watching over her.

This is my hunka-hunka-burnin' love!  This year we celebrated our 14th anniversary on December 16th.  There are time when I know that I drive him nuts, but he really was my rock through 2014 when it felt like the walls were crumbling around me.  I have a 'habit' (just because it is funny) of saying that we were married "____ number of long hard years" and he takes offense to that a little.  But to me, it is the funniest thing.  It seems like every year gets longer and harder but in the end we still made it....TOGETHER.

My most emotional post is also my favorite post.  It tells my daughter's story from the beginning to where she is in life now.  I am proud to say that she is getting better and sounds better when we talk on the phone and facetime.  I really miss her though.  If you would like to help us in raising funds for her therapy, just go grab a huge file!

These little cuties are my favorite pin right now!

I wanted to make them during December as a craft, because they are so cute.  But with everything that happened in November and December I decided to wait and do them in January.  My plan is to get the 20 strands of lights I need at least 50% off!!!  I think ahead like that. LOL  Notice that if I had done this back in December I would have been light-less.  By the way, do you follow me on Pinterest?  You can find me ri'chere!!

I got 14 roses for 14 years of marriage.  This is the first time I've gotten flowers in a long, long time.  Notice that my 10 year old took the picture for me and while he made the background look pretty good he took a big ole picture of a green stalk of nothing!!!  Just my luck!

This was the year of learning how to use Amazon to make money.  I have a store called Teachables there that I sell everything from vitamin drinks to children's books.  The vitamins were a success and the books were ok.  I am looking for new ideas of items to put up on Amazon.  All of the funds that were made on Amazon were used to pay for my daughter's RAD therapy and her boarding school.  I never thought I'd be the type to send a child off to boarding school, but it because apparent this summer that this was the only way to give her the therapy she needs.  

In fact, several of my blogger friends got together and donated some files as a fundraiser so that Angel could stay as long as she needs to.  She has been there since August.    If you haven't checked out those files, check them out in my TpT store [HERE].  Also, you can check out the blog post I wrote about RAD, here on this blog.

Wow...this is a hard one....My favorite restaurant at this moment would probably have to be 
In fact, we were just there today.  I love their potato soup!

OK, I am a dweeb and I will freely admit it.  Although I love my Dancing With the Stars, I also love anything with conspiracy and I end up watching shows like Unearthed and anything with ghosts hauntings, etc.  I love a good ghost story.

This one I can't really even answer because I never sit still to watch movies.  I guess I'll go with the movie "Halloween Town" <I think that was the name of it> that I watched with my little guy.  It was pretty entertaining.

My favorite article of clothing would have to be a good light weight eternity scarf.  I've learned that they add a little pizzaz of color and help you look professional while covering a low neckline or even a stain on your shirt!  haha  I got one just like this off of Amazon.

I say this a bazillion times a day!!

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