Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Key to a Healthy School Year

I think working is making me sick.  No joke!  Or maybe I'm just sick of work.  Hmmm!!!

If you have been reading my blog this summer, you know that I am working hard on becoming healthier.  But, I have to admit, a co-worker of mine invited me to go to Zumba with her and I just haven't gotten up the nerve.  After all, I am the one that trips over a hair on the floor.  I was the one nicknamed 'Grace' because I am so clumsy and out of kilter!  

I've been working in my classroom and I found the grossest bunch of bugs EVER.

Every year when I go into my classroom I find a variety of insects, but this year particularly, there was an abundance of 'la cucurachas' and stink bugs.  I was eating a biscuit the other morning at my freshly cleaned reading table, turned around to get something, and then reached for my biscuit and it was covered with 3 baby la cucurachas having breakfast.  I almost died.  Not good for the heart.  So what did I do?  I called my husband, the bug killer.   

Fast forward to this past Wednesday when I went to the doctor for a check up in the hopes that I would be good to go to school healthier than I did last year.  She noted all 3 of my sinus infections and 3 episodes of bronchitis that occurred during the school year and announced that she thinks that my classroom is making me sick.  She asked me what I thought was in my classroom that was the culprit.  I already had an answer...and I bet you know what it is.  Add that to the fact that I work in a 55-year-old building and the odds of my classroom making me sick is much greater.     

Aside from the idea of totally scrubbing my classroom down to get rid of the roach feces which hubby was able to identify in my room and which took things to a new low, my husband, the bug killer, came up with another idea.  In fact, we just went to Amazon <my favorite place> and placed an order for this nifty machine below.  Here is a picture of roach feces so you can identify it in your classroom. Click here.

FIVE STAR FS8088 Ionic Air Purifier 

Pro Ionizer Cleaner with UV

                       It is listed for $99 as of today.

I am an Amazon Prime Member so I will get my machine pretty cheap.  If you aren't a Prime Member, they are running a special, which would be handy if you want to get a machine for your classroom or home.  I have saved a lot of money on shipping this year by being a Prime Member and I get my items shipped to me quickly.  If you aren't a Prime member and you order from Amazon a lot or plan to, this is an excellent deal.  Just click this link here:  Shop Amazon - Give the Gift of Amazon Prime

Have a healthy school year!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Back To School Classroom Decor

I am not really good at tooting at my own horn and it is so hard to blog about my own products, but I wanted to share my 2 favorite Back to School products! 

This is the room decor pack that I used the year before last....I love it!!

Right now I am using this pack (it still has my old blog button on it!!  Oops!!)  I wanted to change from being so 'retro' but still have lots of color in my room so I changed to this. 

I haven't been back in my room much to take pictures yet, but they are coming!!!

Friday, July 17, 2015

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