Sunday, July 26, 2015

Back To School Classroom Decor

I am not really good at tooting at my own horn and it is so hard to blog about my own products, but I wanted to share my 2 favorite Back to School products! 

This is the room decor pack that I used the year before last....I love it!!

Right now I am using this pack (it still has my old blog button on it!!  Oops!!)  I wanted to change from being so 'retro' but still have lots of color in my room so I changed to this. 

I haven't been back in my room much to take pictures yet, but they are coming!!!


  1. another knuckle cracker! haha!! Thanks for linking up Jenn!!

  2. Yay to wearing glasses! I just got glasses last September and I love them. Thanks for sharing.
    @ Wiley Teaching

  3. I have had glasses since the 6th grade! I wish my eyes were perfect.


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