Saturday, August 2, 2014

Follow This New Educational Adventure!

I am wonderering where my summer went, why I am having to talk about the end of the summer, and where the fall will take me.  Can you believe it is that time for some of us already?  

As I was thinking about what to post, all I could think of was that my 'ride' as a teacher/blogger has been interesting so far!  I don't have the patience to write a book, so I blog!  And in doing that, I get to share my thoughts, feelings, new ideas, and accomplishments with all of you!  As I was thinking about this, this scene from The Brady Bunch popped into my head!  I am so old.  Most of you probably didn't even watch them!

A bit of nostalgia for us Brady Fans!

'Cause Wherever We Go, We Go Together!!!

With that said, I want to encourage those of you that want to blog or become a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Just click here and sign up to be a seller and you can make the extra money that you need.  

The money I have made this year (it hasn't been a lot, but I am getting there!) has helped tremendously as I have helped pay for my mom's medicine and medical bills (she is a paraplegic due to spinal stenosis and has been in a wheelchair for the last 10 years--pray for her please!) and begin to pay for my daughter's therapy.  My daughter was diagnosed with RAD or Reactive Attachment Disorder several years ago but we had no idea the magnitude of how it would affect our lives.  Go read her story....her life nas not been so different from some of the kids in your classroom.  It will help you to understand some of the behavior problems that you see.

Now...if you open up a store, leave your link below so we can follow you and see what all you have 'in store' for us.  Pun intended!

Now..come follow me on bloglovin!

You can follow me on TpT by clicking here!  Check on the most recent packs!!

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Yesterday was my first day of training and Monday is registration for the students!!  Think of me as you sit in the sun!

Stay tuned for more to come!!

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