Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kicking Classroom Instruction Up a Notch!

Hi, everyone!  My life has been busy in 2nd grade!  We are on day 8 and while the kids want to lay back and relax, I am about to turn on Turbo Speed! 

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I just wanted to show you really quick what all we have been up to.  It seems like we have an interactive notebook for every subject these days!  We are super interactive in my room!  Here are some pictures of some of what we have been doing!

I have found that if you are new to interactive notebooks (I have used it some, but not fully like I am this year) that it is easy to start out with word sorts and reading strategies.  So, if you are new at this, you can get started pretty easily!  I hope these help you get some ideas!

When I want to read a new book I really only have to read the first two pages.  I will count the words that I 
can't read and if I miss more than three words I know that I need to choose a different book.

Here is a different look at the recap of a revisit to the same mini-lesson because some of the kids were still struggling.

This is what my version looked like

I hope this gives you a few ideas for your classroom!

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