Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015--Here we come!

Happy 2015!  I hope it has been a good one so far.  Things have been great hear with us!  I saw this linky floating around and I am excited to be a part of it.  I am also excited because I get to announce the winner of the laminator I was giving away during our Giveaway on the Owlways Be Inspired Blog!

The winner was:

I have contacted her and will be sending out her laminator on Monday!!  So exciting to give things away!!  I also let her in on a little known secret that saves me a lot of money!  Always purchase non-namebrand laminating sheets!  They work just as good as the Scott Brand but they are a lot cheaper!  I use the 3 mil sheets if it is something I want to protect but will send home with a student or trash.  I use 5 mil sheets for all center materials because it holds up better and it easier to wipe off when using dry erase markers.

My personal goal is to spend more time with my family.  And not just 'time' but QUALITY Time.  I have been guilty of working way to much over the past few years.  But, I also have to admit that I have felt like everything I tried to do was exhausting.  Even cooking seemed like a insurmountable task.  I know now, after having some medicine changes and all, that depression was the responsible party for all of this.  If you have been a reader of mine for long (even back to the days of Best Practices 4 Teaching and Charts 'n' Chit chat) you know that I am a very transparent blogger.  I was the lucky recipient of my mother's DNA and she and I both shared a Dystemia...or chronic low grade depression.  I am feeling a lot better these days and I am actually looking forward to living a high life!!

I plan to become more active...I will fight my fibromyalgia and not let it take over!!  I am also looking at getting my family away from processed foods.

Boy...this is a big can of worms!!  I have so many things I want to do.  Everyone knows me as a teacher.  Some know me as a blogger, and most never think of me as an entrepreneur. I want to learn more about marketing.  I also, evidently, need to learn from Jan Richardson and incorporate her methods into my guided reading.  It is funny to me that 6 years ago I was a trainer and helped other teachers in my system....then enters 2 kids....and I am behind on everything! 

I also hope to take some of my TpT files for yester-year and redo them to make them look nicer!  I also need to take more pictures of my kids at school using my lessons.

I would also like to expand and be able to share more about Zeal Wellness and how it has helped me with my fibromyalgia and Meniere's Disease.  I have a good friend that teachers at a different school and she uses it to help with her dizziness/inner ear problems also. 

I am a TpT addict.  While I am already have 62 lessons on how to teach S blends (sp, st, str, etc) if I see something cute, I will go ahead and buy it.  I am a huge addiction!!  I want to be more conscious of what I am buying because those little $3 lessons mount up!  I am at the point where I think it would be better for me to send each little $3 Paypal chunk to a credit card!!

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