Thursday, January 29, 2015

Using Really Good Stuff Catalogs

Hi all!  I am really huge fan of Really Good Stuff.  Their catalogs are like a Christmas Wish Book for me!  In fact, I save my birthday money just to buy the things I want from that catalog.  I can spend hours on their website!

I have been using cards like these <but hand-written> for years, so I thought it would be nice to ‘do them all up’ nice and pretty this year and share them.  I made these back in my 'best practices' days but they are just as fun to use now as they were then!

My students also love to look through the catalogs to see what is out there for teachers to buy.  Sometimes I even get a note asking to buy a certain item.  If you would like to download these cards from my Dropbox account, just click on the picture!

If you need a catalog, just click on the link and get one!  Most importantly, have fun with the cards.

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