Sunday, November 29, 2015

Top 3 Wishes

I am excited to link up with Teaching in the Tongass! Thank you for hosting this linky party! P.S.  If you are reading this I am a huge fan of your work!!!

Here are my 3 most wish-listed items!

This first item is one of my favorites.  It is one of the easiest ways I know to introduce multi-meaning words.  My kids' vocabulary increases a lot from it and I have found that it really helps my struggling kids and my ESL students.

I use these <actually the second grade version> myself and have heard that some teachers even use these WITH their students and explain all of the different levels.  I need to start exploring this idea! If you teach first grade this is rubric set is a must have!

These are awesome to use in your math centers during these cold months!  There are a lot of activities that are helpful in this pack...I get a kick out of watching the kids work on these.  

I hope you have a great time shopping!!

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